Thank you for visiting our website. As with most things in life, this site will be updated as our family grows and changes.

We would like to invite you to visit these other dog and boxer websites. Some are familiar to us, others are not.

Inclusion does not equal endorsement.


We are members of:

Midnight Sun Boxer Club

American Boxer Club

Northwoods Boxer Club

Grip's headstudy is featured by Too Chic DogArt, BOX/P on the menu.


New Hope Boxer Rescue

Kandiyohi Boxers

Shamai Boxers & Poms

Pentastar Boxers

Boyarka Boxers

LattaLane Boxers

Kidney Bean

Health & Welfare Sites

Boxer Library

Webring Affiliates

Boxer Ring Information

This BOXER Ring site is owned by Cindy Baril.

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